Fore Easy Steps to Great Golf Getaways!

STEP 1: Get a Quote

Go to our Packages page, where you can fill out a form with your own dates, times, courses, and lodging, then receive an instant price quote*. Special discounts are taken into account when figuring your package price, so you save money by booking a package here rather than trying to book everything individually on your own.

Fill out the form as many times as you'd like, trying different combinations of courses and hotels to suite your needs, and your wallet. When you're done, have your quote emailed to you.

*Price includes golf, cart, lodging (breakfast also included at most of our hotels), and taxes. You won't have to pay anything more when you get here (unless of course you buy "extras" - balls, a sandwich at the turn, a tasty beverage, room service, etc.)

We can also help you set up banquet meals for your group, at your request.

STEP 2: Check Availability, Request Reservations and Pay Deposit

Once you have a quote you and your group like, you may request that your quote be processed as a reservation request. A no-risk, fully-refundable deposit* of one golfer fee is due by credit card** at the time of your request. Package amounts are divided by the number of golfers, so this amount will vary depending on your personalized package. If you'd like us to check the availability of your request before you put down a deposit, we'd be happy to do so. Just follow the instructions on the quote pages and email you receive.

When we receive notice of your request and deposit (again, we can check availability ahead of time if you wish), we go to work securing fixed tee times and reservations that match as closely as possible to the quote you submitted (or a modified version of the quote based on availability). We will get back to you with a reserved itinerary within 48 hours (see Step 3 below).


*Why a deposit at this point?
For the benefit of everyone involved: Our courses and hotels require that we have a deposit when booking reservations on your behalf - they want to be confident that you're really coming before putting you in their books, which is understandable. You want the best customer service possible, and your good-faith, no-risk, fully refundable deposit buys you the best customer service in the business. We work hard to make sure you get the itinerary you want, and if we can't make it happen, we will gladly refund your deposit in full.


**How will my credit card be charged?
All major credit cards are accepted. Please note that Michigan’s Southern Swing is a program of the Battle Creek/Calhoun County Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB). The CVB’s name will be referenced on your credit card statement. For everyone’s protection and security, we never have access to your card number or information. After your payment is made, we are notified automatically of your payment.

STEP 3: Approve Your Itinerary

Within 48 hours of your request, we will send you a reserved itinerary, matching your quoted request as closely as availability allows.

If you approve this itinerary, just sign on the dotted line (actually, you check a box and click a button - just follow the instructions on the approval page) - and we're in business!

If you are not happy with the itinerary we have reserved for you (e.g., what we reserve for you differs a great deal from what you requested due to changing availability issues*), just let us know, and we will work to make it more to your liking. Or, if at any time in the process you decide we definitely can't get you what you want, we will gladly refund your no-risk deposit in full.


*Availability - Once in a while, even the short time between when we check availability and when we receive your deposit may be enough for someone else to take your opening, especially during busy weekends. If in putting together your reserved itinerary we find that your package as requested has become nearly impossible to reserve, even after a preliminary availibility check, we will contact you directly about the possibility of switching dates or making other wholesale changes, before going through the approval process above. Basically, we are acting as your packaging agent, and common sense communication prevails. You paid us a deposit, and we will work to earn it!

STEP 4: Paying Your Balance and Receiving Vouchers

Your balance is due 30 days prior to your package (see Cancellation policy below).

(If it is currently less than 30 days before your package when you approve your itinerary, your balance will be due immediately.)

You can pay your balance as a lump sum, or you may send (or have members of your group send) individual payments that add up to your total balance. We will send you golf and lodging vouchers when your package is paid in full.

NOTE: For every hotel room a credit card is required at the hotel at check in to keep on file for any incidental charges.

There are two ways to pay (individuals can use either method):



Go to our Make a Payment page, enter your package ID number and group leader name, and the amount you wish to apply toward your package balance.



Call 877-MI-SWING (877-647-9464) to make arrangements.

Cancellations and Rain Check policy

Contact us with questions. 877-MI-SWING.

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** 1-877-MI-SWING **  Email: contact us

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